Friends of the Lancashire Student Symphony Orchestras - Reg. Charity No. 511059 Web Design software:Xara The FLSSO programme archive - Introduction Use the blue links above to see scanned images of the programmes from those years Please note: These are images, not text documents, so you cannot search for names on the pages! I have shrunk and compressed them to save bandwidth/storage (there are a lot!); so some pages are at the limit of readability. Only the first page is scanned in colour. I have cropped off edges to maximise readability on screen so pages have random sizes. I have not scanned pages I deemed unnecessary (!), many pages were duplicated in several programmes so I’ve tried to retain at least one. There may be some errors - mixed up pages, wrong dates etc. apologies! Top tip: Once you have clicked on an image use the left and right arrow keys (on your keyboard) to quickly scroll through all the images on the page.   Editor’s Note: Recently I have become the custodian of a huge amount of ‘stuff’ related to the the Orchestras going back to at least 1977 (the orchestra started in 1970). These have come from two sources: When my wife became president she inherited a few boxes from the previous president; and an even larger collection came from Margaret Birtle who has been Vice President of the FLSSO since the 1970s. Margaret has worked tirelessly for the Orchestras over the decades, helping organise events, raising money by getting sponsors ‘onboard’, keeping in touch with past members and many other jobs. I have scanned many of these programmes and attempted to put them online in this archive as a historical record of the orchestras’ achievements. - Andrew Tranter