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Friends of the Lancashire Student Symphony Orchestras - Reg. Charity No. 511059
Past Programmes There is now a large collection of past programmes available to view on-line from 1977 onwards:  Visit the Programme Archive LYSO perform at MfY National Festival 2011 The LYSO played at the Music for Youth National Festival at Birmingham Symphony Hall on Saturday 9th July 2011. They performed the Waltz and Adagio the Sleeping Beauty Ballet Suite by Tchaikovsky and “(Baba Yaga’s) Hut on Hen’s Legs” and “The Great Gate of Kiev” from Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition.  _____________________________________________________________ LYSO play at Birmingham Symphony Hall - 2010 The LYSO again performed in the National Festival of Music for Youth at Symphony Hall, Birmingham on Saturday July 10th 2010. They played Jurassic Park by John Williams and the Peterloo Overture by Malcolm Arnold ________________________________________________________________ The Wreck of the Titanic! This concert involved the LYSO at Preston Guild Hall on Friday 2 July 2010 at 7.30pm. For more details click here. ________________________________________________________________ Music for Youth (MfY) Regional Festival, Rochdale 2010 The LYSO performed the Peterloo Overture by Malcolm Arnold at Rochdale on 21st March 2010. The Mentors' remarks from the event were extremely encouraging. There were so many positives that I can't include them all so here is a selection (apologies for any errors interpreting the handwriting!): "A full, sonorous opening sound that blends warm strings with well judged wind backing. The cross-fade of the march-like percussion is judged very well. Wind and Horns work hard to articulate rhythms. Trumpets shine through ... A complex score ... you listen very well to bring it to life bravely. Spirited, determined playing. There are dark brooding moments here and you interpret them with conviction. A majestic final section. Well played." "Beautiful, lyrical phrasing. Violins so together - a wonderful sound. Well done percussion ... dynamically so effective. Excellent Brass ... you are so painting the horror of this work. I love the concentration and listening of all sections. You have worked so hard ... to achieve the drama. This is a seriously good orchestra with terrific section leaders. A most enjoyable performance. SPELLBINDING!!" LYSO play at Birmingham Symphony Hall - 2009 The LYSO performed in the National Festival of Music for Youth at Symphony Hall, Birmingham on Saturday July 11th 2009. They played Tchaikovsky' Symphony No.5, 2nd Movement and Finlandia by Sibelius. The adjudicators made lots of positive comments about the orchestra and the LYSO can be justifiably proud of their performance alongside five other experienced youth orchestras. LYSO (or LSSO back then!) vinyl records These are 3 albums from 1974, 1977 and 1985. Click on them to find out more or click here. LYSO Tours The highlight each year for many members of the Lancashire Student Symphony Orchestra is a tour where the orchestra plays concerts at venues based in different countries around the world. These tours first started in 1973 and have continued for most years. The following is a list of the countries on which the tours have been based. 1973 Denmark 1974 Eastern States of the USA 1975 Sweden 1976 Great Britain 1977 England - Southern Counties 1978 Austria 1979 Sweden 1980 Argentina 1981 France 1982 Scandinavia 1983 France 1984 Malaysia & Singapore 1985 Paris & East Anglia 1986 Germany, Holland & France 1987 Austria, Hungary & Germany 1989 Romania 1990 France 1992 Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia & France 1993 France 1994 Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium & France 1995 Catalonia & France 1996 Tuscany 1997 Belgium, Germany & France 1998 Czech Republic & Slovakia 1999 Tuscany 2001 France & Germany 2002 Strasbourg & The Black Forest 2003 Berlin 2004 Poland 2005 Northern Spain 2006 Poland & Germany 2007 Rome In 2000, rather than go on tour the Orchestra went to the BBC recording studios to record on CD a repertoire of their music.